Contour Tank Liners

Charter Medical’s Contour Tank Liners are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated tanks & carboys. Contour liners reduce cleaning validation and sterilizing of traditional containers. Most importantly, because they are single use, the potential of cross-contamination between different products is reduced. One rigid plastic container equipped with a fresh liner can be used to process and mix a variety of different products.

Our contour tank liners for biopharmaceutical fluid containment and processing offer the following unique benefits:

  • Form-fitting, snug, virtually wrinkle-free
  • Centering indicator for perfect alignment
  • Velcro™ hold-open rim for easy installation and filling

Typical Applications:

  • Diagnostic Reagent Preparation
  • Buffer & media preparation
  • Mixing and/or compounding prior to sterile filtration

All Contour Tank Liners are non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic, and meet the requirements of the USP Class VI Biological Test for Plastics.

Ordering Information – Contour Tank Liners

Product Number Description

Case Qty

CT0020V 20 liter liner, Velcro


CT0050V 50 liter liner, Velcro


CT0100V 100 liter liner, Velcro


CT0200V 200 liter liner, Velcro


CT0300V 300 liter liner, Velcro


CT0400V 400 liter liner, Velcro


CT0600V 600 liter liner, Velcro


Features and Benefits

Design Features

Charter Medical’s Contour Tank Liners are designed to minimize wrinkles and considered by end users to be the most form-fitting product available. During mixing, the homogeneity of the product can be jeopardized by the presence of wrinkles in the liner. Wrinkles create pockets that can harbor the additives and shield them from mixing. Later, when the fluid is removed from the container, the unblended components unload from the pockets and alter the concentration of the batch. These problems are minimized with our design.


Centering Indicator

If a liner is not properly centered, the film will “stand-off” from the wall of the tank and create wrinkles on the opposite side. This stresses the freestanding plastic and provides an unsupported surface that can be more easily punctured. Ours have a centering indicator on the bottom of the liner that helps the operator keep the liner centered in the tank during the critical first few minutes of product fill.



All Contour Tank Liners fit into standard industry containers with unparalleled snugness. The unique hexagonal weld pattern makes them truly form-fitting, and the diameter of the liner very nearly matches that of the tank.

Since this makes it impossible for the bag material to be pulled over the tank rim, carefully located flaps on the liner extend up and over the container rim. The flaps secure on the outside of the tank with Velcro™ and keep the mouth of the bag open during product fill. A single operator can easily install a liner in any size tank in just a few minutes.


  •  Manufactured from Charter Medical’s CPL-613 2 layer composite film
  • Welded in a unique hexagonal pattern for a perfect fit
  • The fluid contact layer is made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).

(This layer is bonded to a multi-layer composite barrier film. The proprietary barrier film layer provides added strength and has very low gas and moisture vapor permeability.)

Manufacturing of the Contour Tank Liners is performed under cGMP’s in an ISO Class 7 facility. All production occurs in a FDA registered manufacturing facility.



Contour Tank Liners undergo extensive physical and chemical tests before release.
Each liner is shipped with a Certificate of Conformance that assures conformance to specifications and lot traceability.


Qualification and/or Lot Release Tests:

  • USP Class VI Biological Tests for Plastics
  • USP Physico-Chemical Tests for Plastic Containers
  • Cytotoxicity (Elution Test)
  • Hemolysis
  • USP Bacterial Endotoxin
  • Gamma, dose verification
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