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Component Processing:

Plasma Processing Bags

Charter Medical’s apheresis plasma aliquot systems, consisting of three 300/400 mL, PVC bags each, may be attached to a jumbo plasma unit collected on an apheresis machine allowing the jumbo plasma unit to be divided in to three smaller units.  read more

Additionally, the T8703H is a one-liter jumbo plasma collection bag for use during automated apheresis plasma collection. Our one-liter apheresis plasma collection set features three 400 mL satellite bags for subdivision of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) prior to processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Smaller bags reduce thaw time
  • Tubing is compatible with sterile connection technology
  • Unique, easy grip spike port provides tamper evident access

Ordering Information – Plasma Processing Bags

Product Number
Description Case Qty
T3400 400 mL Triple Bag Aliquot System with Slip Lock Adapter 24
T3401 300 mL Triple Bag Aliquot System with SCD Dockable Tubing 24
T8703H 1000 mL Plasma Collection Bag with Three  Attached 400 mL Aliquot Bags 24
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