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Advect™ Fluid Transfer Sets Gain FDA 510(k) Clearance

Advect™ Fluid Transfer sets (formerly known as Cell Therapy Fluid Transfer Sets) are now FDA 510(k) cleared and CE Marked. They are available in the U.S. and EU and are intended for sterile transfer of bone marrow mononuclear cells from one container to another. These fluid transfer sets are the first to be developed and offered with an intended use to support cell therapy manufacturers.

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Charter Medical Announces Completion of Major Rebranding Initiative

Winston-Salem, NC – August 31, 2017- Charter Medical Ltd., a globally recognized manufacturer of products for the regenerative medicine, blood management, and bioprocessing industries, unveiled a modernized identity this morning reflecting the company’s growing areas of expertise.

A simple color coded icon system will help our customers recognize each area of our business. Blue represents Bioprocessing and red represents Blood Management. Decades of experience in these two fields have allowed us to release new products that cater to the Regenerative Medicine industry. Symbolically, by combining blue and red, this portion of our business will be expressed with the color purple.

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Charter Medical Receives CE Mark for New Fluid Transfer Set Product Line Designed and Intended to Support the Cell Therapy Industry

Winston-Salem, NC – October 12, 2016 – Charter Medical Ltd., an innovative single-use medical device manufacturer, announced today that it has received CE Mark approval on their new Cell Therapy Fluid Transfer Set product line. The new fluid transfer sets are the first of their kind to be developed and offered with an intended use to support cell therapy manufacturers.

Fluid transfer sets are commonly used in the development and manufacturing of cell therapy patient-specific medicines. Unlike currently available options, the new fluid transfer set products have been designed specifically to support cell therapy manufacturing and are intended for sterile transfer of cell based products, including whole blood and cell suspensions, from one container to another. The device components, testing, and final product packaging are compatible with cGMP manufacturing requirements. This regulatory approval helps facilitate global technology transfer for clinical and commercial production of cell therapies and personalized medicines.

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New Product from Charter Medical Designed to Enhance Commercial Production of Biotherapeutics

Charter Medical Ltd., an innovative medical device manufacturer, announces the release of a cryogenic single-use bio-container intended for working cell banks with new FP-FLEX™ tubing that has been designed to close the therapeutic production process and enhance production of campaigns.
The single-use Freeze-Pak™ bag and FP-FLEX™ tubing together represent the first available closed-system solution enabling frozen storage, sterile connection and reduced seed train expansion time for biotherapeutic production.
The new closed-system process eliminates open filling and manipulation of working cell banks, significantly reducing contamination risks since the new tubing can be frozen and maintained at cryogenic temperatures, transported, thawed and sterile welded to other thermoplastic tubing.

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Fenner Buys Charter Medical

Fenner plc, a reinforced polymer technology group, has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Fenner Drives has completed the purchase of U.S. medical specialist Charter Medical Ltd.
Charter will be integrated into Solesis Medical Technologies, part of the United Kingdom-based Fenner’s advanced engineering products (AEP) division.

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Charter Medical is a Michelin Company.